Children/Youth Programs

ECHO’s “Transforming Our Communities” program provides education about child abuse prevention and is targeted for children and youth, youth-serving organizations, and any concerned adult. The program helps to empower the voices of children and seek to create a stronger and safer community.  The objective of the youth curriculum is to provide both body & internet safety presentations K-12. It provides an opportunity to speak and engage with the children & youth about child abuse and how to feel safe.

Personal Body Safety (K-12)
GOALS: (1) Increases the child’s knowledge of sexual abuse concepts (2) Increases child’s ability to discriminate between appropriate and inappropriate touch (3) Increases behavioral and preventive skills.  Children learn the following:
  • Kids learn about body safety, body ownership, rethink stranger danger, good vs. bad touch, and be able to identify at least 2 trusted adults. 
  • Kids recognizing tricks, how to respond to strangers or trusted adults, self-affirmation, saying “NO!” and introduction into technology safety.  
  • Kids become more aware of offender ‘tricks’ or lures. Kids also learn how to feel good about the difference between secrets and surprises. 
Technology Education Program (K-12) 
GOALS:  Inform children safe ways to use Smartphones, tablets, iPods, and personal computers and discuss potential risks to them. With technology training, the children will learn the following: 
  • Young children are just being introduced to ‘screens’ at this age, therefore, children will learn what the internet is, how to safely use a tablet, phone, or PC, and identify trusted adults. Kids pledge to be internet-safe. 
  • Children learn to recognize potential Internet risks and develop skills to be able to tell a trusted adult and build critical thinking skills. Lessons reinforced with safety pledges and take-home conversations. 
  • Children revisit online “fakes”, how/what to tell a trusted adult, and following “gut” instincts about what is appropriate and what is not. Also covered are what exactly is OK and NOT OK to share on the internet.

We appreciate the support and dedication from several local Grantors & Community Partners. Thank you!