Our Mission

Child abuse is a health crisis that impacts everyone in the community because it crosses all income levels, ethnicities, cultures, religions, and levels of education. The impact of child maltreatment can be profound. Research shows that child maltreatment is associated with adverse health and mental health outcomes in children and families, and those negative effects can last a lifetime. 
Since 1983, ECHO has a solid history of making a difference in the lives of children, youth, and adults. The program, "Transforming Our Communities", delivers comprehensive and evidence-based child abuse prevention education and training. The organization helps to empower the voices of children, educate adults, and seeks to create a stronger and safer community for all.

Our Mission:  
Dedicated to preventing and reducing the incidence and impact of child abuse by providing education, advocacy, and support services to children and families of Metro Louisville.  
Our Vision: 
A world where there is no child abuse.  

We appreciate the support and dedication from several local Grantors & Community Partners. Thank you!